Morning Mashup: Marlies Preview!


Not really. I severely mismanaged my Wednesday night schedule, so your preview consists of: the Marlies play tonight. Against the Abbotsford Heat. At 10:00pm. Toronto’s 3-2-0-1 in 6 games, and Keith Aucoin leads the team with 6 points!

So, uh…here are some links:

-The Winter Classic will likely be cancelled on Friday. Because…you know “the stuff dreams are made of?” It’s actually that black slime Mulder and Scully spent 9 years chasing, and it lives behind Gary Bettman’s eyes.

-Shoalts, via the Globe, thinks the league cancelling the WC would be the NHL shooting itself in the foot. Kind of small potatoes. Since, y’know, this entire lockout is sort of the NHL shooting itself in the face.

-A little more than two years ago, I founded a website called The Toronto Truculent. And according to Cam Charron’s TLN analysis of the Leafs‘ fourth line, I shouldn’t have.

-Tyler Bozak is still taking heat for that whole Halloween thing.

-Mark Ritter of the Hockey Writers says a Luongo trade makes sense for Toronto, then shifts gears for like 10 paragraphs to talk about the CBA in great detail, then says “But I digress,” and brings it home about Luongo again. He basically suggests Luongo’s contract won’t be that bad under a new CBA, and concludes: “In my mind all that remains is for Burke to pick up the phone and find out which combination of players and/or prospects Gillis wants and this deal should be as good as done.” Yeah, not quite….