Straight Talk


So we had three Marlies game this weekend, two televised Morgan Rielly Super Series games heading into the weekend and a Biggs multi-goal game as well. By midday Monday I’m sure all the talk will have shifted back to the CBA and the potential for talks.

There was some brief optimism after it was reported that Ed Snider might be distancing himself from the owner’s stance.

“Behind the scenes, there seems to be a seismic shift going on among the NHL’s Board of Governors, also known as the group that Bettman answers to collectively.
And Flyers chairman Ed Snider may be the big mover-and-shaker behind it all.
Multiple sources confirmed to the Daily News on Friday that Snider, once seen as a supporter of the Bettman’s push to rein in the players’ share of revenue, has soured on the process after it became apparent that a deal would not be brokered in time for a Dec. 1 puck drop.
Put simply: Snider and the rest of the NHL’s owners were promised a big win by Bettman, with player concessions on revenue division and contracting rights. The best they’ll get now is a small win in revenue split – coupled with a demoralized fan base and all-important corporate sponsors that are ready to quit.
A source familiar with Snider’s thinking characterized it as: “If this is the deal we are going to get, what’s the point of dragging this out?”

Darren Dreger then added some comments from Bill Daly to encourage the fact that the owners are willing to look for a deal.

“But we told them that we are open to discussing other ways to address those issues if they want to propose any,” continued Daly. “In fact, we used the exact example of “if we need five and we have proposed 3+2 to get there, that we are happy to listening to and considering 4+1 instead. I’m not sure why they chose to characterize the way they did. As I’ve said before, I can only control what we say.”

My thoughts on all of this is simple: Who Cares. The talk is cheap and very little has been done in the way of concessions on either side. It’s probably best to just enjoy what we have.

The Marlies will hopefully keep on keepin’ on, and Morgan Rielly will be featured in Sportsnet’s Friday Night, and we’re finally nearing the point in the season where we can start debating the Canadian World Junior Team roster.

It may not be the NHL, but it’s better than nothing. And it’s still better than pretending to care about the Argos.

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