Wake up early or stay up late?

(Image: Canadian Press)

There isn’t a lot to talk about this morning, as things on the NHL front have gone pretty silent. Other than that we’re (for the most part) looking forward to the World Junior Championships next week to get a look at some Leafs‘ prospects on the international stage.

There’s also, you know, the chance to cheer on a hockey team, which will be a nice experience as well. Though I’m not sure I even remember how to do it.

The schedule for this year’s tournament is pretty awful for us watching in Canada. Morgan Rielly and the rest of our national club will play their first three games at 4:30am Eastern, so unless you have PVR (or live in the Atlantic Ocean, like I do), you may as well just forgo sleep, pour another nog and rum, and stay up for some hockey.

The commercial TSN has running for this thing is “Wake up early, stay up late.” Which camp do you fall in to?

Oh, and I did manage to collect a few links this morning, so enjoy.

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