Saturday Morning Links


First off, let us all bow our heads and remember Bill Daly this morning, who died on a hill December 27th, 2012, fighting valiantly for the five-year contract limit.

So, the league budged a little on the contract limit (5 to 6 years for UFA signings) and salary variance (5 to 10%) components of their Thursday offer that was revealed yesterday, while leaving the makewhole payment where it was at $300 million.

A good thing that the NHL’s latest offer took a day to leak? Maybe. Brian Lawton seemed to think so. But absolutely do no get excited unless the counter offer from the NHLPA isn’t met with the same scripted responses from the league: we’re very disappointed, we thought we made some meaningful movement, we’re not sure where to go from here, the deal’s off the table, no plans to talk again, etc.

With each concession (I say that not in the true sense of the word concession, but insofar as getting the league to repeatedly improve their supposed best possible offer), Donald Fehr justifies his hire, his reputation and his money. Time and again he knew he could get more, and the question now is whether or not he thinks there’s still room to push before the season goes over the cliff edge.


Saturday morning links…

NHL’s latest offer adjusts term limits, salary variance
In depth highlights of the NHL’s latest proposal.

Marlies Unable to Collect Extra Point and Fall to Griffins in Shootout
Second half of the back to back set goes tonight in Grand Rapids.

Grabovski scores in OT
Mickey Grabs plays OT hero for Red Army in the KHL.

WJC: Rielly Scores for Canada
Here’s video of Rielly’s goal vs. Slovakia yesterday.

Who Should the Leafs Buy Out?
Yesterday’s offer from the NHL included a compliance buyout clause for 2013-14. That last part is important, because it doesn’t come into play until the lowered cap is implemented next season, which could change if and on whom the Leafs might use it. I think the obvious answer is still the right one with Komisarek, even with his contract expiring July, 2014. May as well use it and free up more cap space for next season.