Monday Luuuu-nchtime Links


I used up all my lockout glee in yesterday’s post (feel free to read it here) so here’s a collection of links around the interwebs covering the one on and only topic that matters today, the return of the NHL.

The 7 most immediate questions now that NHL lockout is over
Sean Leahy takes a look at what to watch for as hockey gets underway. Of course Luongo rumours make an appearance on the list.

The NHL returns; looking at the Maple Leaf roster—tweaks, predictions and player ratings Part I: Today, the back end
Michael begins previewing and dissecting the Leafs roster. On a day filled with optimism this is a healthy dose of reality that there are huge holes in the Leafs roster.

Plan A or Plan B
Hope in the Big Smoke is already pumped for what the Leafs could be up to this summer and is as anxious as the rest of us to see how the Leafs roster shakes out.

Leafs coach Randy Carlyle: ‘Great day for hockey
The Sun reaches out to the Leafs head coach on what his plans are for getting his team together.

Luongo to Maple Leafs gaining momentum
The Sun again with the most popular rumour.

NHL Lockout: Highlights of the NHL- NHLPA Tentative Deal
A few interesting points that I didn’t touch on yesterday; One way Contracts and AHL contracts in excess of $375,000 will count against the cap even if the player is playing in the AHL, the possible trade deadline is April 5th, and this year’s free agency period could begin on July 5th. Also not mentioned here is that there will be an interview period prior to free agency.