Morning Mashup: ‘Tis (Almost) the Season

Randy Carlyle
Photo: Cp24

Gregg Scott, Ryan Hamilton, Mike Mottau, and Keith Aucoin were placed on waivers Wednesday as Randy Carlyle, Dave Nonis, and the Toronto Maple Leafs begin the hilariously rapid expedited process of trimming the roster from 31 players in camp to 23 for Saturday’s season opener. My understanding is that rosters need to be finalized by 3pm Friday afternoon, which means any additional cuts will actually have to be sent down/placed on waivers Thursday to get the roster set on time.

I only know that because of a Tweet I glanced at Wednesday afternoon, though. I could be completely wrong. Feel free to correct me.

UPDATE SLIGHTLY AFTER I FINISHED WRITING THIS THE FIRST TIME: Oh, and we traded Matthew Lombardi last night. To Phoenix. For a conditional 4th round pick, that becomes a 3rd if he re-signs there. Kadri’s life improves slightly.

Hey, links!

-Travis Zajac is the first NHL player to be signed to the new maximum contract term limit of eight years, having made a $46 million deal with the Devils (ha!). Think of the contract as a shade over Grabovski’s cap hit and with the term we wish Phil Kessel had.

-Mirtle writes a detailed piece wondering what the Leafs should do about Tim Connolly. Curiously, going back in time and preventing themselves from ever signing him is not a listed suggestion.

-Did you see Petrielli’s awesome Leafs notebook right here on MLHS, yesterday? You didn’t? What a coincidence. I have a copy of it right here.

-At The Leafs Nation, Cam Charron looks at various coaches’ effect on goalies. Well, not exactly “various.” Randy Carlyle and Ron Wilson.

-PPP compares Reimer, Scrivens, and Jonathan Bernier in detail to see if the potential acquisition of the Kings’ backup goaltender would represent an upgrade in net for the Leafs. (SPOILER: They arrive at one of those “yes and no” conclusions).

-According to his own words in the Toronto Star, Cody Franson isn’t taking anything for granted. I hate the marginalization that’s happened to Franson in Toronto. Young, big defenceman with a cannon point shot – considered a promising acquisition – and he was a healthy scratch in his first game under Ron Wilson for no apparent reason (if I’m recalling correctly). All downhill from there. Some won’t agree with me, saying lackadaisical defensive coverage means he earns what he gets. Fine. Maybe you’re right. But for players to succeed, you need to put them in a position to succeed. Franson’s been thoroughly Versteeged since the minute he got here. </franson mini-article>