Dave Nonis vows that changes are in the offing for Maple Leafs


GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs Dave Nonis has wrapped up this season by proclaiming that time will heal all and that the only player who will receive his unwavering support, until others prove worthy or have healed from their injuries, is Phil Kessel. In an end of season interview Nonis mentioned several other Maple Leafs players in a positive light but was quick to add that changes were in the offing. Unrestricted free agent Tyler Bozak and number 1 goalie James Reimer were mentioned, but the praise may have been hollow if it’s followed up with a transfer.

Phil Kessel is up for contract renewal in July and it looks like Nonis is keen to offer him an extension. When quizzed on the right winger’s future Nonis stated that he thinks Kessel is currently enjoying the best stretch of hockey he had ever played and that in his mind he is one of the top players in the NHL. He does however have a year left on his contract so an extension is not an urgency right now. Ever cautious, Nonis said that if, when the time comes, there was a deal that could benefit both sides then they wouldn’t think twice about bringing Kessel back for an extended period of time. Heading into the off season it seems like Kessel is the only Leafs player who can sit back and relax a bit, maybe taking some time off to relax and play games at http://www.bookofraspiel.de or enjoy a vacation with his athletic family.

Nonis is adamant there is room for improvement within the Leafs and he says that although significant steps have been taken they are still not where he wants them to be. He is determined that changes are inevitable and he is looking for ways to improve the franchise. Nonis plans on making use of the draft this year as the Leafs will pick 21st and he will also lower the salary cap in the hope that some of the more cash strapped teams will trade players.

Nonis plans on taking a good team and making it better and will go to great lengths to do so.