2013 Entry Draft Open Thread

NHL Draft
2013 NHL Draft

The Leafs will welcome ~seven new prospects into the organization over the course of the afternoon and evening. If it’s all they do, that’s fine by me.

Some news and rumours tidbits from the past couple of hours:

– Pierre Lebrun has dropped a Twitter bomb, quoting an NHL exec who says we’ll see 10 trades today at least.

– I bet the whole Letang to Toronto thing started with something like this – Letang’s agent Kent Hughes said, “Contact that Rossi guy and let’s drum up a rumour about Kris being discontented in Pittsburgh. Let’s say he would like to go to Toronto, that way shit will really hit the fan. We’ll get $7+ million a year.” Then they did.

– Feeling the squeeze, the Penguins then moved RFA Tyler Kennedy to the Sharks for the 50th overall pick (tweet).

– Ryan Rishaug reports the Hurricanes will likely be moving their fifth overall pick. .

– The Leafs are out of the mix for acquiring the fifth overall pick (Dreger), which is fine because the rumoured price didn’t make sense.

– The Canadiens are actively looking to move up, per Dreger.

– The Flames had talked about moving the 6th overall in a deal for Tyler Seguin but reportedly are leaning towards keeping the pick.