Tyler Bozak on his critics


Tyler Bozak joined Mike Hogan and Jeff O’Neill on TSN 1050’s Blue Lunch segment. Bozak revealed that he didn’t field offers from other teams having agreed to terms with the Leafs before free agency opened at Noon last Friday. He also responded to a few questions about his controversial status as the Leafs number one center.

Do you see yourself as a number one center?

“Yeah I do. I’m confident in myself. Obviously there are going to be guys better than you and guys that aren’t, but the line that I’ve been on has had a lot of success. I haven’t had as many points as my two wingers but they all had career years. I mean, if you asked them I think they’d say I was a big part of it. So I do, yes.”

Do the critics get to him?

“It doesn’t bother me at all. We play in Toronto, there’s going to be a lot of criticism coming. I’m happy. The only thing that matters is the guys in the room and I know they believe in me and they think I belong where I’m playing. Obviously the coach does, too. I’ve had two coaches now who have had the opportunity to not play me in that role and have, so if there’s a few fans on Twitter who don’t think I can play it… I’ll take the coach’s opinion over theirs every time.”