Game Recap: Game #45, Canes – Many vs. Leafs – Very Few


I gave up after the 1st, which featured some of the softest defensive play and fundamentally poor defensive coverage we’ve seen from the Leafs since Ron Wilson got fired.

Apparently it didn’t get much better in the 2nd:


The Carlyle checklist of nonsense tonight:

Playing Fraser over Gardiner, or at all. Nonsense.
Playing Franson over Gardiner. Nonsense.
Leaving Gleason on the top pair instead of reinserting Gunnarsson. Nonsense.
Playing Ashton 40 seconds in the first period after the call up. Nonsense.

As for the rest of the team, there wasn’t a whole lot to like. Kadri and Lupul did show some jump. This team is showing the telltale sign of an irreversible tailspin – abandoning basic execution and entering full-blown panic-hockey mode. Doubling down on stupid with the roster decisions is just throwing gasoline on an open flame.