TSN 1050 Hooks Up “Leaf Fan Reaction” Video Creator With Tickets

Leaf Fan Reaction Video
Bergeron Ties It Up 4-4 (Photo: MLHS)

You’ve probably seen the video.

Mark Micelli and his Leafs fan buddies were gathering for Game 7 on the night of May 13, 2013. Mark had recently purchased a Go Pro camera, so, taking his prompt from the Maple Leaf Square goal celebrations that were a viral hit throughout the Leafs-Bruins series, he set it up in his basement beside the TV and kind of forgot it was even there.

Toronto Maple Leaf Fans React to Boston Bruins Game 7 Overtime Win

We all know how that game played out, and a few days later Mark realized he may have captured some tragic drama worth sharing. At first, he uploaded it to just to share among the friends at the gathering. By a slight majority the group voted it was okay to upload it for public consumption; now, 650,570 views later, clearly it perfectly captured that game’s rollercoaster ride with a crash ending.

We asked Mark which was a worse Leafs fan experience in the last calendar year – the devastation of that 11-minute collapse in game 7, or the most recent 8-game slide right out of a playoff spot that ruined a promising season. “Both hurt me in their own way, like only the Leafs could.”

TSN 1050 reached out to Mark and a few of his friends and gave them the opportunity to go to the Leafs-Bruins matchup a few weeks ago, the game where the Leafs kept their erstwhile playoff hopes alive with a 4-3 OT win after coughing up a 3-1 lead. We asked Mark, “you knew that collapse was coming this time, right?” and he said he did, but was glad they pulled it out in OT this time. The small victories.

Mark and his friends were also profiled by Sports Illustrated on the video, underscoring the popularity of the video for Leaf fans and for haters of the team. Everyone either sympathized with or enjoyed watching the most hated team in the NHL get their comeuppance.

Check out the video of the guys’ experience at the Bruins game on April 3rd:

Kudos to TSN 1050 for stepping up and helping cauterize the vicious wound that May 13th, 2013 caused by sending these lads to the Bruins Game gratis.