Mike Babcock Post Game: Leafs 2 vs. Capitals 0

Mike Babcock Post Game vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team moved to 5-1-0 on the season with a 2-0 victory in Washington.

From Freddy on out, what impressed you about shutting a team like Washington out in their own building?

Babcock: I thought we started really good. I thought we got carried away in the second period, but a big win for us. A big goal by Brown, obviously. I thought we were really skating at the start. We kind of got involved in their game rushing up and down the ice instead of playing heavier and on the cycle. Still a big win for our team. Turned over a few too many pucks, but a big win.

What did you like about how Brown fit in with JVR and Bozak?

Babcock: I just liked that Brownie worked hard and was good on the penalty kill. He got to the net and got the puck there. We didn’t have a lot of that type of play tonight. It was a lot of rush instead of being heavy. It was great to see him get to the net and be rewarded. I thought Mitch’s line, too, with Moore and Marty had a big night, too. I thought they played real good.

You guys have scored a lot this year. How did they handle it when the goals didn’t come as easy?

Babcock: I think you just play. I don’t think it’s that new. In saying that, the last two games, offensively, we haven’t been as good. We’ve got to have a look at that and find a way to be better and generate more offense. We think we can. We’ll have a look at it and get ready for the Red Wings.

For the most part, did you like the way your club was able to keep Washington to the perimeter and give Freddy a chance?

Babcock: I thought we did a pretty good job that way. I would’ve liked to have seen us spend more time in the offensive zone. To me, there is no sense in being on your heels. You may as well be on your toes and go after them. I think our team is capable of doing that. As we get more confidence, we will.