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Mats Sundin: Pierre Pagé and I Were Both Wrong About Him

Junior wraps up the MLHS 'Memories of Mats' series:On June 28th of 1994, Cliff Fletcher, the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, traded...

Can’t Stop This Ephesian: Kaberle, Versteeg and The Plan

What man that sees the ever whirling wheel Of Change, the which all mortal things doth sway, But that thereby doth find, and plainly feel, How Mutability...

Beauchemin Hits the Road: Happy Trails for Leafs Fans?

Just finished watching the Brian Burke press conference on my PVR (damn our angry Irish overlord for choosing afternoon drive time to play Meet...

Strength of Character

Okay, so it took a while to get to the post game wrap up 'round here. What can I tell you, I was waylaid by ecstasy (NOT the pharmaceutical kind); and that sort of joy has been in kind of short supply for Leaf fans since the lockout. Aside from the 4-3 Leaf OT Victory, I was enjoying (via the wonders of the PVR) the Ticats' triumphant 30-3 curbstomping of the Argonauts to formally clinch a playoff berth. I can tell you from personal experience as a Leafs fan for more than 35 years and a Ticats fan since the days of Jason Maas, there haven't been a lot of nights like that in recent days. Good times.Here's how the Leafs game went as I saw it (note: this is an impressionist recap, not an excursion into hyper-reality. If you want that, wait for James Cameron's next 3-D extravaganza):

What Can Brown Do For You? 4-3 Leafs Over Penguins!

Anybody still want to debate the wisdom of starting Gustavsson against the Penguins?For my money, this was the right play.   Anyway you slice it,...

Start Your Engines

It begins tonight - the 2010-2011 Toronto Maple Leafs season. New captain, new faces, new year, clean slate. Hope. The excitement...

It Begins.

For a hockey fan, hope springs eternal in the fall. Summer ends today, my team is back on the ice and I'm absolutely stoked to get my first look at Versteeg in a Leafs' uni; to scope out Jerry D'Amigo and Jussi Rynnas; to leave the failure of last year behind. I am ready to love this team again.

End of the Year Sentiments

So the curtain comes down on the 2009-2010 Maple Leafs season. I know many readers are upset because we as Leaf fans must...

Good News: Big Picture Dept.

I know, I know, when last we met, I promised you that the next installment in these studies in positivity would focus on Nikolai...

Good News: Tyler Bozak Edition.

Twice in the last week - once after the Tampa Bay game, once during the first intermission of the Oilers game - we've had...

Churn, Churn, Churn: An Update on the Plan

Let's get one thing straight: this year is a write-off. The rest of the games scheduled for the Maple Leafs are not happening, at least not in any meaningful sense. Instead, the events you will be watching on your large-screen TVs over the course of twenty-six evenings littered throughout the next two and a half months are best considered nought but a demonstration or experiment of sorts.Brian Burke has opened up a chemistry lab; you better believe he'll be looking at team chemistry very carefully for the rest of this year. In this post, I do a kind of preliminary update on the article I wrote for the Maple Leafs Annual last summer about Brian Burke and the Maple Leafs' rebuild.

Good News! Luke Schenn Edition

Luke Schenn isn't nearly as horrible as he once (ie. earlier this year) wasn't, even though he looked like he was. But he wasn't, and isn't. Are we clear on that, ducky? In this installment of Good News! we consider some actual hockey-related information in addition to the jokes. But there are still jokes.

A Manifesto of Sorts: Road Trips and Owen’s Mistake

Why you need to know about a road trip I took to Washington D.C. in 1995 and how this knowledge will make you more attractive, lead to a higher paying job and contribute to your understanding of higher mathematics. Okay, it might not do all of those things, but it will (hopefully) explain why I'm going to write the things that you're going to be seeing posted hereabouts. Sure, it's long, but it can't be any more boring than that game against the Lightning, can it?

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