Josh Leivo Scouting Report

Scouting Report by Ian Dudgeon (@Dudgee)

Third round pick from two years ago is rapidly moving up the Maple Leafs prospect forward depth charts. Displaying many power forward tendencies, Levio will throw some big hits and muck about in corners, but chooses his opponents carefully. Aggressive on the puck and as a forechecker when he chooses to engage, often sitting back , watching the play develop, then in a few steps can get  into scoring areas. Creates a lot of room for himself using this tactic. Shows good decision making instincts, knowing when to dump and chase vs. attempt to stickhandle past 3 defenders. Works hard along the boards in battles and uses his big frame to protect the puck. Possesses a quick wrist shot capable of getting up high in a hurry and in close. Will follow up on shots at the net looking for rebounds and often capitalizes. Moves relatively well for a long-legged lanky frame showing good speed able to cover a lot of ice with minimal effort, however can often be construed as coasting. Needs to move his feet more and not take wide circles to change directions, applying more stop-starts and abrupt changes in direction. Solid carrying the puck, he will back defenders off and keep them guessing. Likes to hang high in the offensive zone and down low in the defensive zone – indicative of a natural tendency of a centre, however could be due to a coached positional approach. Reasonably sound defensive responsibility, will drop low in his zone or pursue point men. Anticipates well defensively, gets in passing lanes.

Projection: Too soon to call it, but Leivo likely makes the NHL by continuing to establish that he can score in close and capitalize on rebounds, be a reliable two-way player and will keep the wheels moving all shift long. There is enormous upside here.


  • Drafted: 2011, 3rd round. 86th overall by Toronto Maple Leafs
  • OHL player of the week: October, 2012